How To Maintain Relationships While Pursuing A Career with Dani Spikes

Are you in a relationship and struggling to find a balance between work and your partner? Join us as we chat with Love Coach Dani Spikes, who drops all the gems about maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner while pursuing your career. And to my singles out there, don’t feel left out; we have […]

Making The Most of Life After College

Are you struggling or uncertain about what to do after you get the diploma? Are you about to graduate and unsure about your next steps or don’t know what to expect? Well, this is the podcast for you! Listen is as I drop 8 tips to make the most of your life after college. For […]

What is The Curly Professional?/Reflections and Projections

This is the first episode of The Curly Professional Podcast. Today I will be talking about what The Curly Professional is, our up and coming site, as well as my personal reflections from 2017 and projections for 2018. To find out more information about us, visit my personal site For questions and contributions, please […]